America = ® is a social movement brand empowering everyone to share their voice.  America equals something different to everyone and we empower you to Wear Your Voice! 


Empowering everyone to share their voice!

How We Help:

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of America's legacy and promise.  Our country was founded and built by entrepreneurs. 

We therefore proudly partner with the Time Entrepreneurship Foundation and the Honor Loan® Program, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to provide entrepreneurship education, mentorship, and funding opportunities to all students regardless of age, gender, or race at the high school and college levels.  The Honor Loan® Program was originally incubated at Brown University and executed at the Met School.

A portion of each sale from our shop is donated to the Honor Loan® Program to empower student entrepreneurs. Please also consider making your tax deductible donation directly to the Honor Loan® Program.              
Wear Your Voice to help Honor Loan® Program students find theirs!