Together as One

By Melanie Wong
IG: @theasianonne

Your Vote Matters 

We here at America Equals want you to raise your voice! And now that we’re nearing our 2020 elections, it’s more important than ever; to vote is to voice your opinion, to be a citizen, and to be a part of change in America. 

Registering to vote is only the beginning of what you can do to bring about change. Here’s a quick list of some other important ways to participate and make your voice heard:

  1. Watch debates and educate yourself about candidates
  2. Volunteer for a political campaign
  3. Talk to friends and family about the importance of voting
  4. Check in with your local party office
  5. Help make calls to support your candidate

America’s story is changing—help be part of that! Your vote can help increase our percentages of citizen participation. Right now, about half of Americans don't vote. Whether they don’t care about doing it, or think that it won’t change anything, it is clear that far too many people don’t grasp the significance of their vote. Each one matters! Everything counts! That immense number of nonvoters is a part of America that is silent, that may have countless unaddressed issues or wants, which no one even knows of. It is a privilege to vote, but it is also your duty as a citizen. Take a stand this upcoming election: Vote!


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What America = Means to You 

Our team has been all over the country and lived in many different places. We have met all types of people, and their kindness is what inspired us to keep doing what we love. We’ve encountered our fair share of negativity, and those who would try to break us, but none of that can stop us. Our focus is on the bigger things—positive things.

That’s why we created America =. We want to inspire people to be proud of what they believe in, and help them show it! We’re a social movement promoting positivity and expression, and we’ve got a shirt to share your voice! 

The phrase “America =” can be completed with any word, and can mean an endless variety of things. Everyone experiences the world a little differently, so there’s no right or wrong answer here. The answer to what America = can simply be your favorite food, or even a holiday. It could be a feeling. There are so many possibilities, but what matters most is your opinion, and what “America =” for you.             

           For us, “America =” means expressing yourself. As a shirt, “America =” is the ability to wear your voice, and be heard without ever speaking. We believe in people voicing their beliefs and values, and also being able to wear them. We want you to be proud of what you think, and have courage in displaying it! 

            At America =, we support people’s expression and ownership of their values. From social justice, to military, to pride—we believe in everything you believe in.  

             We also love being able to give back to our community. In offering the Honor Loan program, we help bring entrepreneurship education to high school and college-level students, as well as help connect young entrepreneurs with the mentoring and resources they need to start their businesses. The Honor Loan idea started at Brown University and continued at the Met School. We want to help in any way possible. 


There are many impassioned people and groups in the world, fighting hard for the things they believe in. One such group, which we admire very much, is Extinction Rebellion. They use Instagram to make their voice known, and support international, non-violent civil disobedience against ecological extinction and social collapse. 


 Their recent post from Montreal, Quebec called for climate activism: 

“We have been ignored! / on Sept 27, 540 people were presented in the streets all over Quebec to demand climate justice. We witnessed the largest demonstration in the history of the country in Montreal, Quebec. No consequent political response followed. This fall, anti-racist, anti-colonialist, and ecological struggles are converging. Let’s dismantle the systems of oppression!”


It’s so powerful to see everyone coming together as one. No one can ignore that the Montreal protest was one of the largest demonstrations in history! It’s amazing what people can do when we unite and fight together for a common cause. 


The climate crisis is real, and affects not only us, but everyone else in the world. Even the animals are being affected as well. If we don’t put a stop to it or have our leaders do something about it, there may not be a world for our grandchildren or our great-grandchildren. Even though we may not be alive to see what happens in the distant future, if we start now, we can help alleviate the climate crisis and ensure a better future.


Be sure to check out their page and follow them for climate crisis news, and information on how to take action. The fate of our world is truly in our hands now: it’s real, and it’s happening now!