The Best Music to Work from Home to is Chillhop:

With the pandemic, working from home has allowed many adults to rediscover music. I’m a fanatic for music (I have over 300 vinyl records and CDs), so I’ve absolutely been listening to more music while working nowadays. Not all kinds of music are good for productivity though. I tried to write film reviews to Thrash Metal; it didn't help my writing, since I kept headbanging. When listening to Country music, I kept thinking about whiskey and people who did me wrong. Finally, when listening to Hip-Hop, I found myself rhyming to every other word in a film review.    

Eventually, I discovered Chillhop: the best genre to listen to while brainstorming, working on a computer, writing, or relaxing. This musical genre emerged on YouTube, and is inspired by Hip-hop drum beats and elements of jazz. There has been a boom of Chillhop on YouTube, where the music is commonly paired with colorful artwork inspired by anime, depicting animals like raccoons or cows, peaceful scenes of everyday life, and most famously, a young girl studying. 

 One of the best parts of this musical genre is that it does not rely on a vocalist. This helps one to focus on their work without being distracted by any lyrics. It makes for perfect background noise, without being cheesy or annoying. You can find several Chillhop Radio stations on YouTube, and many playlists on Spotify. 

 For those who are familiar with the Chillhop, here are three musical artists you should check out. The musical artist, Bad Snack, is an electronic producer & artist who makes her own beats. She also performs melodies with a synthesized violin. You can stream her latest album, Neat Tape 2 (2020), on YouTube and Spotify. Andrew Huang is another artist who has 2.04 million followers on Youtube. He is known for being a prolific producer and master of sampling sounds to create original music. Huang has several albums and a dedicated playlist of his work between YouTube and Spotify. Adam Neely is another Chillhop composer and influencer, who is a trained Jazz musician from Berklee College of Music. He has 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube and has dedicated several videos to the musical theory of Chillhop.

The fall season might see an increase of cases, coronavirus infections if one doesn't take the necessary precautions.  Most likely, most people will be working from home and avoiding commuter trains or freeways. Regardless, one can sit down, relax, and enjoy chill beats on YouTube.