Minority Authors You Should Be Reading

By Melanie Wong 
 Contact information: mwong2@umassd.edu


 We are big fans of reading! Literature is a powerful thing where people can share their voice and make connections with their audiences. It has the power to share their experiences and ideas. It’s very important for the minority to be able to be heard. 

Recently, one of our team members introduced a book they just finished reading, called Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Change, by Stacy Abrams. This book is a must-read if you’re into seeking motivation to make headway in your life. It was inspired by Abrams’ own candid struggles with overcoming self-doubt and embracing her abilities as a woman of color. She writes on the challenges that face women of color, the working class, and the LGBTQ community ready to make a change. Abrams breaks down how fear, money, and failure in leadership takes a toll. She employs practical exercises to help the reader realize their true potential and bring out their skills. 


The writing is eloquent and funny, and makes the book very engaging. You won’t regret this read, and you’ll find yourself smiling as you take in all of Abrams’ wisdom. Check out her website, where you can order the book and read an excerpt. 


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Wear Your Voice (Literally)

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