A Voice of Unity in America

Where are we as a Country?

For about the past 5 years it seems like we’ve hit a bit of a roadblock here in America.  I know many people are still reeling from the divisive presidential election of 2016, and the us vs. them mentality that it created for many Americans.  While poor leadership certainly isn’t helping, I think there’s more to this divide than meets the eye.  No matter who you voted for in the last election, I think there is still a major feeling from the American people that our leaders aren’t doing a good enough job representing our voices.  

In addition to rising political tension, it seems that we’ve entered one of the most challenging times in recent memory (welcome to 2020 everybody!).  In a scenario that seemed like it couldn’t get much worse, as a country we’ve experienced a global pandemic and some of the cruelest examples of police brutality ever captured on camera.  Its been more difficult than ever to experience unity when everyone has more or less been living in isolation for the past 3 months https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-04-29/what-science-tells-us-about-the-psychological-impacts-of-coronavirus-isolation.  Many individuals are struggling economically, and oftentimes while looking for an escape from it all, they are met with a media industry that thrives off of drumming up fear and division among people.  It leaves many wondering if the chaos will ever get better.  

Some might think the answer might begin with leaders trying to take a stand for unity.  It wouldn’t hurt for more influencers to take a positive stand to make change rather than point fingers; I think the solution to our problems lies at a more basic level.  If we want to make positive change as a country, the people need to take the lead.  And that is part of our main message here at America equals.  

America = Togetherness

Togetherness, unity, oneness; however, you want to describe it that is one of our goals here at America =, to bring people together.  I think most people can agree, positive change for all of us benefits this country the most.  We must come together and put aside the differences that so often divide many of us and focus on the common ground that we all share https://www.positivityblog.com/spread-happiness-around-you/.  This can start by taking small steps to spread happiness in your own community.  However, being an agent of positive change doesn’t mean you should stand idly by in the face of injustice.  

At America =, we want to help spread both unity and justice through our brand's central message.  I personally feel that a lot of injustice in America happens because of misinformation, and that is why I wanted to join the America = team.  We want to help inform people because with information comes understanding.  Understanding will help those that oppose movements like Black Lives Matter and the Pride movements see that these people are fighting for the rights that many Americans already possess because of privilege.  If we can come together to build understanding, we can build a better nation.

Part of what is so appealing about America = to me, is that we voice our opinions on important issues in a cool and collected way.  Nothing is worse than being trapped in a conversation with someone who aggressively shouts their opinion at you without leaving room for debate.  People are ready for a more casual approach to voicing their opinions.  If I had to describe the style of our brand in a few words, it would be “casual but passionate”.  While parts of our brand allow people to voice important issues, we also make room for fun and games.  

United by our Passions

Empowering people to let their voice be heard on political and social issues is incredibly important to us, but oftentimes what unites people most are the things they enjoy doing.  Passions such as art, music, and fitness are often the things that unite us as humans no matter our political beliefs.  Art and music specifically are often ways people are introduced from cultures other than their own https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/04/1061802.  More than just the arts and fitness endeavors America = has apparel that suits all kinds of interests and lifestyles.  

In addition to the arts we want to empower the American spirit of adventure as well.  We have themed clothing that involves travel like our “America = Road Trips” shirt and we also have a lot of themes that involve innovation and creativity too.  I feel that all of these themes embody what is great about the American spirit.  I think these qualities are all important to building a sense of collectivism in this country.  This is part of the reason I wanted to work along with the America equals team to help market and create their message, because it is meant to help bring us all together.  

The American spirit can take on many forms and that’s what we’re trying to convey to our customers.  With all of the negativity that surrounds discussion of America, focusing on what we all love can help bring us closer together as a country rather than drive us further apart.  A large part of this American spirit involves entrepreneurship, so it feels natural that a startup like America = would help empower people to share in that same American spirit.  This genuine kind of mission is one of the things that drew me to the company in the first place.  

An America for Everyone

America = commitment to inclusion is another core part of the mission of our company.  Diversity of background and diversity of belief are two of the things that have built America into the successful nation we know today.  Valuing diversity is crucial for any successful entrepreneurial endeavor. Inclusive thinking helps allow businesses to connect with a broader audience compared to operations with a limited mindset. Getting different perspectives allows your company to think differently and more efficiently reach the targeted demographic. The diversity of thought at America = has made my time working here a valuable experience.  

Finding ways to incorporate both unity and diversity can be a challenge for any institution.  In fact, many communities, and institutions here in America still have work to do to be more inclusive cohesive.  In tumultuous times it may seem as though our country is torn apart, but it’s a necessary part of ensuring the rights of those who are disenfranchised. Being united without equality isn’t truly unity.  At America =, we are trying to do our part to create lasting bonds between all Americans.  

In short, building a more inclusive America starts within our own communities http://blogs.sanfordschool.org/4-ways-to-create-an-inclusive-community. Here at America =, we feel we can use our brand’s wide appeal to help empower people to spread the message of diversity by having the opportunity to wear their voice with our many different shirts.  Through properly informing oneself and having the will to keep an open mind, any individual can work towards building inclusion within their community.  By giving diversity a platform through our shirts, we can spread inclusivity and unity amongst young people.  This will give us the opportunity to create a positive environment for people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and creeds.  

Empowering voices

In conclusion, our goal is to provide a platform to empower young people to express what they love about America.  Furthermore, we want to give people an opportunity to voice what they think America should be about but isn’t yet.  America was founded on the principle of change by entrepreneurs and we want to help continue to usher in positive change with our apparel.  I personally testify that young people are as enthusiastic for activism in my own community.  I am confident that we have a product that youth culture will want to support.  

My hope is that we can inspire change through what America = stands for: empowerment.  Our goal is to make clothing that allows people to express and share their passions, whether it be involved with a certain cause like Black Lives Matter or Pride. It might encourage others to spur excitement about their career or starting their own businesses. Our shirts can provide a sense of community between people involved in athletics, music, or art. We don’t discriminate and that includes representing what consumers are passionate about. So that leaves only one question, how will you wear your voice?