Social Entrepreneurship: How to Build Non-Profits and Mission Driven Businesses


The America Equals team invites you to a virtual conference on social entrepreneurship, featuring experts in social and mission driven businesses worldwide on Saturday, December 4th!


This is a donation based event because we do not want financial hurdles to limit the growth of the next generation’s entrepreneurs, though spots are limited. This event is catered to students and young professionals interested in the necessities of networking and being a successful entrepreneur in the current landscape. Plus, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to each speaker, the convenience of developing high value interactions with potential memorabilia!

(Time in EST)
12pm-12:20pm speaker A 
5min breakout room
12:25-12:45pm speaker B 
5min breakout room
12:55-1:15pm speaker C 
5min breakout room
1:20-1:40pm speaker D 
1:40-2pm panel discussion of all 4 speakers - 20min total