Digital Marketing A to Z
Digital Marketing A to Z

Digital Marketing A to Z

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This 5 week digital marketing course consists of one hour per week, allowing participants hands-on experience building their digital business presence while working with America Equals. Below are the key topics and assignments that participants will focus on. 

Week One: Branding

Assignment: Create a fictional brand for a business in any field you like. Your deliverables are;

  • Logo and Tagline
  • Brand Colors and Fonts
  • Missions Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Target Market

Week Two: Social Media Strategy

Assignment: Create a social media strategy for your fictional brand. Your deliverables are;

  • Competitive analysis of 3 similar brands
  • Channel Strategy (Fb, Twitter, IG, Snap, Tik Tok) and Weekly Calendar 
  • 4 # Sets of 15 #s and 10 Keywords
  • 10 Influencer Identification 
  • Tonality 

Week Three: Creative and Copy

Assignment: Create a campaign for your fictional brand. Design 5 social media posts (any channel) and 3 advertisements. Can be any size or format (web, billboard, social, video etc.)

  • Follow brand design guidelines
  • Use imagery and text

Week Four: SEO and Blogging

Assignment: Write one 1400 word post, or two 700 word posts

  • Create 5 topics relevant to America Equals
  • Identify 3 keywords per topic
  • Identify 4 LSI Keywords per topic
  • Link to 4 external sources (in your written post(s))
  • Link to 3 internal pages on A=s site
  • 1 hero Image

Week Five: Paid Media and Google 

Assignment: Create a Paid Media Strategy with fictional $5000 budget

  • Identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) 
  • Create sample Creative and Copy for 3 FB ads and 3 Google ads
  • Set three month spend trajectory and goals